Red Dead Redemption 2 will get Nvidia DLSS and more online content next week

There are possibly millions of screenshots of RDR2’s beautiful wild west out there, and Rockstar’s next week update will give players yet another reason to get busy: Nvidia DLSS. Cowboys and girls can be expected to dress and look sharper than ever before, with the Blood Money update adding much-needed content to the game’s online mode, including new mission types, clothing, and a new underworld criminal from Saint Denis.

Red Dead Redemption 2 will finally receive Nvidia DLSS support next week, giving RTX-equipped PCs a nice boost in frame rates and image quality. Rockstar’s much-awaited Blood Money update to the open-world western also brings new content for Red Dead Online when it lands next week.

Cowpokes know by now to not expect much in the way of RDR2’s single player DLC, given Rockstar’s GTA-like treatment of the game. However, the arrival of Nvidia DLSS combined with an epic tale of redemption will likely prompt another replay.

As for Red Dead Online, Rockstar aims to alleviate lack of content complaints with the upcoming Blood Money update, which introduces players to Guido Martelli, a new underworld criminal and right-hand man to Angelo Bronte. He’ll be recruiting gunslingers to recover ‘Capitale,’ a new currency that will unlock more types of missions.

Once players have collected enough ‘Capitale’ through coach holdups, multi-stage robberies and other crimes — either solo or as a posse — Martelli will send them off to deal with a problematic Lemoyne politician as part of ‘Opportunities.’

There’s also a new Quick Draw Club, which is essentially a season pass broken down into ‘four rapid-fire passes’ that will arrive in consecutive installments over the coming months. Moreover, players who previously missed out will be able to dress their characters like Van der Linde gang members in future updates to the game.